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Were you going to submit something to an RSE conference this year? Do you have a project you’d like to share? Is there a talk/workshop/panel you’d like to see happen? Then you’ve found the right place!

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You can make a contribution to one of the event types (see the left hand menu), and/or suggest an event in the Wishlist that you’d like to see in the series. Take a look at the Topic Bazaar if you have an idea but want to find collaborators before submitting. We’re looking for both technical and soft skills and there are no set themes this year but if a theme emerges, we may group those events together to create a half day event or a run of events over a few weeks.

We encourage contributions from all time zones and will schedule events on a day and at a time that suits the presenter. We would like to record events where appropriate. The Call for Contribution form asks for your permission to record the event, for you to give permission to provide your uploaded materials under a CC BY licence and be happy to publish them to Zenodo.

We ask for these permissions so that 1) commmunity members in different timezones can watch your event, 2) make your contribution citable and 3) we can build an RSE resource on many different topics.

The Call for Contributions form will remain open continuously and there will be a rolling deadline at the end of the last day (UTC) of each month (see below), following which all contributions received over the previous month will be sent for review by the Programme Committee.

The call is open to anyone wanting to propose a research software-related talk or event from anywhere in the world, regardless of your role.

Please have a look into our schedule of events for details of what’s coming up.

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