Welcome to SORSE - A Series of Online Research Software Events - our international answer to the COVID-19-induced cancellation of many national RSE conferences. We want to provide an opportunity for RSEs to develop and grow their skills, build new collaborations and engage with RSEs worldwide.

This series has been an open call to all RSEs and anyone involved with research software worldwide, to propose a talk, a workshop, a software demo, a panel or discussion, blog post or poster. After many of our events, SORSE provided an opportunity for networking and informal discussion with other participants in small groups.

SORSE ended with its final event on March 24th 2021. Thanks to all the contributors who submitted abstracts and gave presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and thanks to everyone who participated in one of our sessions to make all of this possible.

But this isn’t the end. There is still a need for knowledge exchange and networking within our international community of Research Software Engineers.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the communication channels of your national RSE chapter.

Any questions, read more or get in touch!

Past Events

Access abstracts, slides and videos through the Programme page.


Four pillars of a reproducible PhD

10 minute read

As the academic community continues to embrace open science and reproducible research, it is increasingly important for an academic to understand the tools w...

Embedding a Jupyter Notebook

13 minute read

Submitted blog as part of the lightning talk session on January 20 during SORSE, an International Series of Online Research Software Events. Describes how I ...

SORSE: Research Software Directories

12 minute read

The discussion session “Research Software Directories: What, Why, and How?” was held on September 16 during SORSE, an International Series of Online Research...


The SORSE Finale

4 minute read

During a challenging year in which all of us are likely to have spent some or all of our time working from home, we have also missed out on the opportunity t...

Kickoff SORSE on September, 2nd

1 minute read

To kick off our series, we ran the SORSE Launch Event on Wednesday 2nd September. We had two keynote speakers at this event:

Mentoring at SORSE

1 minute read

Presenting at a conference, be it face-to-face or online, can be daunting, especially if you do not have a lot of experience presenting. Presenting online br...

SORSE - Ask Us Anything sessions

less than 1 minute read

You can sign up to a ‘Ask us Anything’ session held on zoom where you can put suggestions to us for an event, run through how your idea would work with the t...

SORSE - Call for Contributions

less than 1 minute read

The SORSE call for abstract submissions has now closed and the 2020/2021 series of events has ended. Take a look at the programme page for details and videos...