Every event has a registration link on its webpage where you can sign up to take part (see Registration and Fees).

Events will be recorded so that they can be run multiple times to suit different time zones and encourage communities to come together to network within different regions. You can access the recordings through our Youtube channel. A presenter can pre-record their event if they wish and the programme team will provide assistance with this process. For certain events, like workshops and poster sessions, we will be using Zoom breakout rooms which allow for direct interaction with the speaker via audio and video. We will also use Slack space (join here) to allow continuing discussions that will remain available after each individual event.

Webinars will allow speakers to present, share their screen or webcam and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and answer polls via the built-in Q&A system of Zoom webinars. Questions will then be read out in the Q&A part of the session and answered live by the speakers.