SORSE will deliver a range of different types of events in ideally a 1 hour or 2 hour time slot (but the event could be shorter), followed by time for networking and discussion with other participants.

We plan to run events approximately weekly, depending on presenter availability. One of the core aims of SORSE is to promote the concepts of Research Software Engineering and spread the word about RSE skills and activities to a multi-national audience.

To help support this, in addition to our core events which will be delivered in English, we are also keen to leverage our infrastructure to help support national RSE seminars in other languages which can help to reach a wider community of potential attendees interested to grow their RSE knowledge and skills. We hope that the SORSE event series will be popular so that we can continue it into 2021.

We’re an informal community and we know life is busy and very different at the moment, so feel free to join events when you can and leave when you need to.

Event types include:

Along with these events above, we will be inviting guest speakers from around the world to join us and we’re happy to take suggestions for guest speakers via the Wishlist.