For SORSE, we are looking for talks on topics that are of general interest to an audience of RSEs and other people interested in research software practice and experiences. Talks go beyond the presentation of a single research software, or a single use case, and provide an opportunity for the audience to learn about and discuss an idea or solution.

Talks in SORSE don’t differ much from presenting at an in-person conference. They include a presentation by one or more speakers, usually supported by a slide deck, followed by a discussion session. Talks can be short (10-15 minutes) or longer (15-30 minutes). Short talks may be combined with another short talk within one session. Talk sessions have a maximum length of 1 hour. The discussion session is moderated, and questions can be asked in written form.

Presenting an online talk provides additional opportunities in comparison to in-person talks: you can pre-record your talk, hold a second discussion session for participants in different time zones, stream the talk live to a larger audience, and summarize it in a blog post. Simply indicate if you want to do any of these when you submit your talk proposal.


I have never presented on a conference before. Is there a way I could get help?

Yes! We can help you to find a suitable mentor for your event. We have a pool of members of the RSE community who are happy to offer their advice to junior p...

I have experience presenting on conferences and would be happy to offer advice for junior presenters. How can I do that?

Thank you! :tada: Just write us an email at We will add you to our pool of mentors and get you in touch with a mentee who can bene...

What should be in my Talks abstract

A good talk abstract should include: Relevant introductory background information on the chosen topic What attendees will learn (Learning outcomes) Ke...

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Chris Cave-Ayland

Chris Cave-Ayland

Imperial College London, UK

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Jan Philipp Dietrich

Jan Philipp Dietrich

Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) Potsdam, Germany

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Marion Weinzierl

Marion Weinzierl

Durham University Durham, UK

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Stephan Druskat

Stephan Druskat

German Aerospace Center (DLR), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Friedrich Schiller University Jena Berlin, Germany

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Tim Powell

Tim Powell

Hartree Centre, STFC Cheshire, UK

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