Panels and Discussions

Panel session

Panel discussions in SORSE don’t differ much from those at an in-person conference. They include a group of people (the panel) who discuss a specific topic. Panel discussions are moderated, with a moderator introducing the panel and the topic, and asking the panel a predefined set of questions, before opening the session up for discussion with the audience. The general discussion part is also moderated, and questions can be asked in written form by the audience.

A panel discussion session should not be longer than 90 minutes, with about half reserved for the moderated panel discussion. When submitting your idea for a panel session, you should ideally already have candidates for the panel in mind. Having said that, we are also happy to help finding suitable panel members if you cannot come up with a full panel. We also offer the possibility that up to two places in your panel are advertised to the SORSE community, so that interested SORSE participants get the chance to be on the panel. Please indicate if you want to offer panel seats to the SORSE community.

Open discussion

Propose the Discussion Session topic if there is something that you would like to discuss with a broader audience and get opinions and ideas from fellow RSEs. This session should include an introduction to the discussion topic and the specific questions that the participants should address. Depending on the number of participants, you may consider splitting the group into the breakout rooms with 4-5 people each.

This session lasts 1½ hours long, and we ask groups to take notes. We recommend that in the last 20 minutes of the session groups turn their notes into a speed blog post, which will then be published.

The proposal should describe how the topic of the session aligns with the topic of the conference and what is the added advantage of discussing it with the broader audience.


What should be in my Panels and Discussions abstract
Please describe your topic, how its is relevant to the RSE community right now, how the topic of the session aligns with the topic of the conference in gener...


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