• We do not track how users move or use our website. The website is hosted by GitHub Pages (their privacy statement).
  • We do not store any website cookies and do not use any social media cross-site trackers.
  • We will provide a link to a wish-list in a site hosted at GWDG. There is no tracking of users there, however, unless you are registered and logged in at GWDG (their privacy statement, only available in German).

Author information

  • We store the contact data of authors and co-authors. And the contact information of the presenting authors will be made public on GitHub and on this website (this is, however, also stated separately in the Indico submission form).
  • Each presentation will get a dedicated site on our webpage including the abstract and the contact details of the corresponding author. If the author requests to be removed, the event page and all associated commits will be removed.
  • For published recordings which are assigned a DOI we can modify/remove the author metadata, but we cannot remove the abstract or the DOI.

Event registration

  • We use a Google form to submit to the topic bazaar, but this is also stated separately here.
  • Participants register via the indico platform using a dedicated registration link.
  • By registering you give consent to store your contact information.
  • We keep this information (participation details) until one month after each event.
  • Upon request your data can be removed earlier.
  • You have the right to access your data anytime by contacting us.
  • We only store data that you have provided us via the registration form, no derivatives based on Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook, ORCID, etc.

Participation in an event

  • We do not store participants’ data or contact information (besides everything that Zoom collects and stores).
  • The main Zoom room will be recorded during an event, this includes any Q&A after talks. You can avoid appearing on this video by turning off your camera and by muting yourself during the event. Videos of participants during a webinar will not be recorded, unless you ask a question via audio whilst your camera is enabled. The audio will always be recorded.
  • We do not record the Zoom text chat or Q&A function during an event. If you would like to ask a question whilst avoiding appearing in the recording please use one of these.
  • Audio and video recordings will be archived and published at the TIB AV portal (their privacy statement, only available in German) and on Youtube (their privacy statement).


  • If you believe something is wrong, please let us know.