RSEs in the Digital Humanities or archaeological domain (ARCHEO.RSE)

There are a lot of RSEs working in the Digital Humanities (DH) or archaeological domian. Most of them are not named as Research Software Engineers even though they develop software for researchers or develop software for their own research. This slot should help to show others what RSEs in DH are doing and hopefully find some new collaborations.

There are also some non-institutional groups in the DH which do RSE things just for fun in their free time. One of the groups are the Research Squirrel Engineers. If this slot will help to increase the amount of squirrels, this would be awesome!

If you want to be part of the small DH / archaeological related RSE group at SORSE, please contact us by E-Mail and add your topics to the ARCHEO.RSE Pad creating some new collaborations and submissions for SORSE.

Type: TBC Contributors: We are looking for people who are working as RSE (also if you are not officially named as RSE) in the (digital) humanities / archaeological domain. Contact me for some feedback and if you are interested to join! Still looking for contributors: Yes

Contact: Research Squirrel Engineers, Florian Thiery, Sophie Charlotte Schmidt