Developing, Distributing and Testing Research Software with Anaconda

The distribution of research software is challenging due to the complexity of dependencies and the speed of technological advancement. Automation and standardization of this process speeds up the development process, as well as the communication and interaction with the users. This is particularly important for research software, as the number of developers are limited and labor for infrastructural maintenance is usually not available.

In this workshop we want to discuss how the package manager anaconda ( can be used to automate such a process. The package manager works for various different programming languages, and operating systems, and provides with the conda-forge channel a community-based platform to distribute and build your own packages.

Type: Workshops Contributors: This workshop is supposed to be community-driven and I have no clue about whether it is useful or not! Therefore, please let me know what you think and particulary, if you think this might be useful for you or others by the 1st of March at the latest. Still looking for contributors: Yes

Contact: Philipp S. Sommer